Compact Share Buttons

The Essential Social Media Share Buttons for Your Website.


  • Easy setup, easy to integrate in your website: Simply copy the code to the desired position in your HTML code.
  • No privacy concerns: The button code is completely embedded in your website. No external requests, no cookies, no tracking. As an alternative you have the option to host the code on your server or webspace.
  • Fast: No performance problems.
  • Responsive size: The size of the buttons is determined by the CSS 'font-size' of the parent element.
  • Free customizable by your own CSS (for instance via child selectors) or code modifications.
  • Free of charge. This website is solely funded by the advertisements on this website.


1. Choose Services to be Displayed on Desktop Computers

2. Choose Services to be Displayed on Mobile Devices

3. Appearance

corner radius:

4. Optimizations (Code Size Reduction)

5. Preview

6. Install

The code is optimized for HTTP compression (enabled on most websites). Depending on your settings the maximum compressed size will be about 2.5kB. Embedded in your HTML code the compression ratio may even increase.

Approximate code size (uncompressed / gzip compressed):

Copy the Code and Paste the Code into Your Site:*

*Alternatively you can download the code and install it as an external JavaScript file on your server or webspace.